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IDTANA - Southern Region Executive Board

Regional Director

PJ McCafferty, ADCRG-BG

Vice Regional Director

Emma Burke, ADCRG

Past Regional Director

Bill Maple, SDCRG


Christine Oresky Fry, ADCRG

Corresponding Secretary

Stacie Greiner, ADCRG

Recording Secretary

Áine Walsh Kelley, TCRG

Sergeant at Arms

Jennifer Hale, TCRG

CLRG Representative

Doug Westfall, ADCRG

CLRG Representative

Patrick McCarthy, ADCRG

More information about the IDTANA - Southern Region Executive Board members is available on our TEACHERS information page.

To contact the webmaster, please send and email to

Please note: The webmaster can only answer questions about this website,

not general information about the region.

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