December 07, 2011

Full Results Posted to IDTANA-SR Website

The full results (in PDF format) for the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas have been posted to the Results page on the main IDTANA-Southern Region website.

December 05, 2011

SRO 2011 Lost and Found

Any items found in the Oireachtas ballrooms will be in the hotels lost and found department. Call (407) 206-2300 and ask for them. Please remember it may take a couple of days to get from Housekeeping to Lost and Found so if they don't have your item today, call back in a day or so.

December 04, 2011

Sunday Competitions

Please follow a link below for full results from the Sunday Southern Region Oireachtas competitions:

December 03, 2011

Saturday Championship Results

Solo Championships

Ceili Championships

Figure and Dance Drama Championships

December 02, 2011

Boys Championships - U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13

Girls Under 13 Championship

Girls Under 12 Championship

Girls Under 11 Championship

Girls Under 10 Championship

Girls Under 9 Championship

Girls Under 8 Championship

Online Results

We will be posting the full list of placements for all competitions are the CONCLUSION of the awards ceremonies each night. We will announce the number of World Qualifiers and the winner of each competition via Twitter as they happen.

Starting Numbers for Friday, December 2

The following list includes competition size (registered) and starting rotations for rounds 1, 2 and 3 for Friday's competitions:


  • Girls Under 8 - 55 registered dancers, Round 1: 43, Round 2: 7, Round 3: 26
  • Girls Under 9 - 66 registered dancers, Round 1: 18, Round 2:41, Round 3: 64
  • Girls Under 10 - 73 registered dancers, Round 1: 22, Round 2: 48, Round 3:69
  • Girls Under 11 - 91 registered dancers, Round 1: 5, Round 2: 37, Round 3: 69
  • Girls Under 12 - 93 registered dancers, Round 1: 10, Round 2: 42, Round 3: 74
  • Girls Under 13 - 105 registered dancers, Round 1: 97, Round 2: 25, Round 3: 61
  • Boys Under 8 - 7 registered dancers, Round 1:5, Round 2: 4, Round 3: 3
  • Boys Under 9 - 3 registered dancers, Round 1:3, Round 2: 1, Round 3: 2
  • Boys Under 10 - 5 registered dancers, Round 1: 3, Round 2: 5, Round 3: 2
  • Boys Under 11 - 4 registered dancers, Round 1: 4, Round 2: 1, Round 3: 3
  • Boys Under 12 - 9 registered dancers, Round 1: 2, Round 2: 5, Round 3: 8
  • Boys Under 13 - 12 registered dancers, Round 1: 10, Round 2: 2, Round 3: 7
All competitions will dance hard shoe in round one (3 competitors at a time), soft shoe in round 2 (2 competitors at a time) and set dance in round three.

Welcome to the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas

Good morning from Orlando!  The 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas gets underway in just about an hour. 

Adjudicators for this year's competition include:


  • Michael Dillon, California
  • Michael Smith, Massachusetts
  • Noreen Smith, Massachusetts
  • Ann Lavin-Cassidy, Illinois
  • Michael Fitzpatrick, Massachusetts
  • Kerry Kelly Oster, New York
  • Sean Flynn, New York
  • Maire O'Connell, California


  • Jackie Kennedy, Ireland
  • Pauline Shaw, England
  • Seamus O Sé, Ireland
  • Áine Uí Shé, Ireland
  • Isabella Fogarty, Ireland
  • Brendan O'Brien, Ireland
  • Chris Ryan, Ireland

The musicians for this weekend's competition include:

  •  Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson, TCRG
  • Mike Shaffer
  • Chris McLoughlin
  • Michelle McLoughlin, TCRG
  • Billy Furlong
  • Ann Marie Acosta-Wiliams, TCRG
  • Brian Glynn
  • Daniel Gibney
  • Tony Nother
  • Louis LeMesurier


November 29, 2011

Update on Vendors at the 2011 SRO

The following vendors will be in attendance at the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas:

November 27, 2011

Last chance to show your support!

Don't forget to get your advertisements in for the big screen presentation in the Vendor/ Practice area of the Oireachtas hotel. Display your pride for your favorite dancer or school and wish them a successful weekend of dancing.

Please see the attached form for more information



November 25, 2011

Catholic Mass at the SRO

Mass will be offered in the Stage A room (Mediterranean 1) in the Convention Center, at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Updates on SRO Room Reservations

Please read the following for questions on changing, canceling or otherwise amending a room reservation for the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas.

Canceling a reservation:

All SRO 2011 attendees were charged a non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation. However, if you can find someone to takeover your reservation, we will refund your deposit.

To help you connect with someone, please visit our Facebook page and post a message with the nights you have available. Once you find someone to take over your reservation, then email myrawatters ~at~ to finalize the swap over. (Replace the ~at~ with @ in your email.)

Need a room?

The SRO 2011 hotel block has closed. However some families are trying to cancel reservation. To find and take over a reservation, please visit our Facebook page and check out the wall.

Once you connect with someone, email myrawatters ~at~ to arrange the transfer of the reservation. (Replace the ~at~ with @ in your email.)

Changing a reservation:

Changes to your reservation are allowed, other than a full cancellation. Please call in-house reservations at 407-206-2300 (J.W. Marriott) or 407-206-2400 (Ritz Carlton) to make changes.

November 23, 2011

Keep up to date!

Don't forget to keep checking right here for updates. This is the ONLY SOURCE of official information for the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas.

Also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, to stay in touch when you're on the go.

Dress Sales at the SRO

Used dresses, for sale, may be displayed on dress racks provided in the Vendor/ Practice area.

This area will NOT be monitored. All dresses will be left at your own risk.

Airport Shuttle to the Southern Region Oireachtas

A pay shuttle service is available from the Orlando airport to the SRO hotels.

To book a ride on the shuttle, go to the Mears desk on Level 1 near the rental cars (2 floors down from arrivals, 1 down from baggage claim). Mears tel: 407 423 5566.

Round trip costs $30 per person to the JW Marriott/ Ritz Carlton at Grande Lakes.

Parking at the Grande Lakes complex

SRO attendees will receive a special discounted parking rate of $9 per day, at both the J.W. Marriott and the Ritz Carlton, at Grande Lakes.

Discount does not apply to valet parking.

If you are staying at either hotel, in the SRO block, the discount will automatically be applied to your hotel bill. If you are staying elsewhere and driving in, pick up a special voucher at the Program desk outside of the Stage C room.

November 11, 2011

Show Your Support!

This year’s Oireachtas will feature a special opportunity for dancing families, to show support for their favorite dancer or school. A large screen, in the Oireachtas vendor/ practice area, will display good luck wishes, in a power point presentation, over the 3 days of competition.
All ads will be in full color. You can submit your own or we can design it for you.
Please see the attached form for more information

October 14, 2011

Vendors at the SRO

The following vendors will be in attendance at the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas:

The oireachtas will also be covered by Feis America -

October 07, 2011

Oireachtas Schedule... Download Now!

The schedule for the 2011 Southern Region Oireachtas is now available!  You can download the file using the link below, or find links on our Competition Info or Downloads page.


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December 2-4, 2011
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